Friday, June 19, 2009

Review: Shisem Lashes & FOTD

So if you saw my last post I bought some Shisem false lashes. Their a Korean brand and you can find them at your local Korean store if you have them. I was in the NOVA area (Northen Virginia)  in Annadale when I bought these. If you're around the area let me know and I'll tell you specifically where it is.

1.) Overall Rating from 1 to 5 (5 being highest): 5
2.) Packaging: 5
3). Price: 2 *the falsies cost $3.50 not bad at all*
4.) Would you buy this product again? HELL YES

I've tried ardell lashes, revoln fantasy lashes (the ones where you don't need the glue), and I have a pair of NYX lashes (which I haven't tried out yet) but this hands down is by my far my FAVORITE! I love these lashes because their so easy to use and they fit naturally with my almond eyes. I know with some falsies, if their too long you have to cut them down to size and I hate that because me being me would make the lashes uneven after I cut them so that one set of eyes looks good and the other is meh! These lashes also don't budge they really stay on all day!
My only con about this is that I can feel the lashes and its a little bit discomforting but its okay its worth it! Overall, I will definitely buy this product again, in fact next time I'll be in Virginia I'm going to buy the whole stand lol!

comes with two glues, yellow is the stronger glue and the pink is the weaker one. you apply the pink glue first so that it protects your lashes because it can damage over time. let it sit for 30 secs then apply the yellow one and leave it alone for 30 secs so it becomes tacky and apply your falsies! 

my eyes with the lashes on!


Products used:

- Mac Prep+Prime in spf 50
- Maybelline Coverstick Correct Concealer in green
- Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in sand
- Physicians Formula shimmer strips in wakiki 
- Costal Scents blush from 56 eyeshadow&blush palette

- Too Face Shadow Insurance
- MAC Paint Pot in rubenesque
- MAC e/s in expensive pink
- Coastal Scents dark brown e/s from 56 eyeshadow&blush palette
- L'oreal Lineur in carbon black
- Bare Escentuals buxom mascara
- Shisem flasies 
- Revoln color stay eyeliner

- MAC Lollipop Lovin'& MAC HK Big Bow
- Victoria Secrete very sexy l/g in rumor

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